Let's make ART!

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Let's make art!
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Everyone should make art! It makes the birds sing and the grass grow. This community is dedicated to all forms of art and expression. Post a work in progress and get much needed feedback from your peers. It could be a little ditty, a folktale, a sketch; as long as it's art, it's ok by us! To become a member, first post a sample of your art work. Include a little bio and describe what mediums you work in. Please use an lj-cut. Then our lovely board of overseers will decide if this community is the right place for you.


1. No fanfiction. (it's just bad for your organs.)
2. No erotica. (this is the place for that kind of stuff.)
3. No teen angst. (we don't care how sad you are; angst is awful and selfish.)
4. Always lj-cut your submissions.
5. Warn us if there is going to be nudity or other non-worksafe subject material in your submissions.
6. Don't post entire novels in one submission. (give it to use piece by piece. it's easier to digest that way.)
7. Give constructive criticism. (don't be a dumphead. you wouldn't have any friends.)
8. No sports related art. (that's just evil.)
9. Please spell check. (you'll sound a lot smarter if you do.)